Ayo and Jacques are in New Orleans at Jacques’s mother’s house planning their 2024 wedding. Trump is out of the White House defeated by Joe Biden and his running mate Stacey Abrams in 2020.  The Southern District of New York who confined Jacques to Bellevue has indicted Trump on RICO charges of money laundering, tax evasion, extortion and attempted murder of call girls, who Trump stiffed of $3500/night, offered state’s evidence against Trump.  Ayo and Jacques are relaxing in the back “secret garden” of his mom’s massive, ornate Victorian home in Treme on Esplanade Avenue when Jacques spies the Blue Bottle Tree in the far corner of the garden.  His mom always told him this tree was an important African cultural trope to ward-off evil spirits.  Now Jacques understands.  He has come full-circle back to his African spiritual roots in the secret garden in which he grew up explaining the power and significance of the secrets of the African Blue Bottle Tree to Ayo.  She listens.  She now understands.

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