“Reparations. Romance. African history. Warrior Women. Colonialism. Suspense. Drama. Justice. Revenge. Mystery. Thriller. Spirituality! ALL THE THINGS I LOVE IN THIS MASTERPIECE OF A NOVEL – Bernard Demczuk’s Mame’s Spirit: Reparations and Romance, An Afro-Futurist Love Story Remixed with Righteousness and West African Spirituality is frightening as well as redemptive. A shore-nuff real page-turner! And for me, the Afterword dedication by CMZ Blackwell, the author’s muse, to four little known reparations sheroes: Belinda Royal, Callie House, Queen Mother Audley Moore, and one other, was the icing on an already delicious cake. So, if you have not already picked up your copy of the book, do so now, and then let’s pick a movie date to see it because it ABSOLUTELY MUST make it to the big screen!”

-Nkechi Taifa Esq.,The Taifa Group

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